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We are two mumpreneurs who are experts in our fields, and over margaritas we decided to collaborate and bring you this exciting business coaching program!!

Nik is the owner and marketing expert at Minifashion Blogger, and an absolute legend at growing brands successfully on social media.

Lisa is a Business Strategist and Mentor at The Uncomplicate, who teaches mums how to work less hours but scale up their businesses.

Two experts, One Program.

Are you a female entrepreneur?

Do you feel like building your business is sometimes lonely, exhausting and just plain overwhelming?

It's a struggle wearing all the hats. Some days cashflow gets you down, other days manufacturing issues make you want to pull your hair out. Sometimes you might feel like there's just so many things in your basket you end up doing nothing (overwhelm paralysis!!).

We know exactly how you feel. We’ve been in your shoes. We spent years finding the very best solutions to scale up our businesses and now we want to share these with you. Let our mistakes and grey hair save you from going through and making the same mistakes!

This is why we created this awesome monthly program, sharing our knowledge along with all the tips, tools and tricks we can to help you grow and scale your business with ease. Our goal is that you work less hours, reduce your stress and have more money in the bank.

“And suddenly you know…It’s the time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings”.



Cut Your Work Hours, Increase Your Profit!

Work on YOUR schedule, around YOUR lifestyle, with people YOU want to work with.

What's Included in this Program?

  • week

    4 times a month you have the opportunity to join our live interactive video calls. Get involved, ask questions and refer back to the recorded session any time from our Facebook Group.

  • hive

    A secret Facebook group where you can ask your questions, get feedback from our experts and others on the journey, be inspired, supported and celebrate your wins.

  • rev

    Every month we change themes. We cover off all the necessary topics to ensure you master every area of your business. Each week we deep dive into the theme, sharing our knowledge, bringing in our guest experts and interviewing success stories.

  • vip-love

    By being a member of this program, you will automatically get access to VIP pricing with all our Mentors and Resident Guest Experts!!

  • success

    Each month you will receive your own success book, designed to help educate you with the topic for that month. Keep accountable, keep learning.

  • buddy

    Put your hand up and we will buddy you up with another member, meet up and share goals and successes, and keep yourselves accountable to each other!

  • uplift

    Every month, we will pick out a member and shower them with extra love. They will get an intensive one to one power call with Nik & Lisa, along with a gift hamper full of pampering love!

  • guest

    Get access to our top experts to help you inside your business. These guest experts will be interviewed on live calls as well as inside our Hive Tribe to support you and answer questions.

Here's just a taste of what we will cover in this Program.

  • Create a solid foundation for your business - we will teach you all the basics you might have missed when you catapulted into being a business owner!
  • Finally, discover and claim exactly what YOU as the business owner and leader need to be doing IN the business so you can ensure you spend your time working ON the business.
  • Learn how the algorithms work in 2020, and what you need to do to take control of your social media platforms!
  • Tune in to your success numbers, so that you know what your breakeven point is, and what you need to do to double your profits. Your business can deliver you an amazing lifestyle if you know your numbers and work towards a goal. Let us help you know these success numbers!
  • Become laser focussed and leverage yourself so you can automate and outsource the work you don't need to be doing. (This involves learning how to say “no” to what is no longer your responsibility!)
  • Create and walk away with our exact systems and strategies for your business to run with out you being in the middle of it.
  • Let us teach you all there is to know about social media across 3 major platforms, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Build your confidence and conviction in the value of YOU. Pay what YOU are worth, be comfortable letting go of tasks and trusting your systems and staff.
  • Simplify your cash flow so you can your business can be leaner, focused precisely on profit and consistent financials each monthly.
  • Eliminate the Martyr Guilt you have, being everything to everyone!
  • Learn how to grow your following and harness your engagement without the dreaded buying of followers or fake engagement groups.
  • Want to use better technology but have no idea where to start? We will share with you our favourite low cost software which will change your business, and teach you how to find your own solutions.
  • Want to master your supply chain and manufacturing? We will teach you how to be on the cutting edge of where your industry is moving in 2020 and beyond.
  • Stop wasting your own valuable time trying to give the personal touch to every client? Discover how to systemise and delegate and how much better you will feel sleeping in, and working in the afternoon to find that everything is humming smoothly without you.
  • Want to hire a team from overseas, but quite frankly you have no idea how you could set that up or trust them? Let us teach you how to find, hire and manage team all over the world, with more experience and cheaper than you could find locally.
  • Some months you don’t have enough money left in your business bank account to pay your bills right? Let us show you how to avoid cash flow surprises and shortfalls (we will teach you how to generate quick cash for these shortfalls), AND how to grow your business to incorporate a recurring revenue stream so that every month you aren’t starting from scratch looking for business income.
meet our experts!

Nakiya Manning



Nakiya Manning


Mum of 2 and Owner of Minifashion Blogger, one of Australia’s leading online social media marketing agencies, specialising in the growth of small business across 3 major social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Using her unique marketing strategies and techniques, Nik has helped her clients generate over $3m in revenue through online sale events, giveaways and business support services.

Whilst trying to juggle and find the balance of mum and business life, Nik has successfully grown her business revenue by over 500% in under 3 years - what a kick ass achievement!

Nik prides herself on providing a high level of service to her clients, teaching them how to harness the power of social media, and reach the success that we all strive for. The proof is in the pudding with over 3000 small business clients who love Nik’s one on one personalised approach and success strategies.

Lisa Laing



Lisa Laing


Multi-Awarded Entrepreneur, Educator and Mumma who lives in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Lisa has started 5 companies, and built 2 of them into Multi-Million dollar brands. One of these is the world's most eco friendly baby nappy brand, Ecoriginals, which she sold in 2019, after growing it into a $2m plus revenue online business. This brand won a prestigious Telstra Business Award, and was voted as Australia's favourite baby nappies.

However it wasn't all smooth sailing and Lisa very nearly crumbled whilst simultaneously building two companies and raising 3 little kids. As a result of her near breakdown, she spent over $100,000 on mentors and coaches around the world, on a mission to run her businesses in a much leaner, more automated and strategic way. It worked! For the last 3 years before selling it, Lisa was working around 20 hours a week, her business was growing, and all her 7 staff were working autonomously from their homes around Australia!

Lisa now spends her days helping other businesses to dramatically reduce their working hours whilst growing their businesses into leaner and more automated businesses, through her Coaching Brand The Uncomplicate.

Our Resident Guest Experts

Kylie Bingham

Yoga Teacher
Fear & Anxiety Tools
Adrenal Fatigue support
Mental Wellbeing

Hayley Pankhania

Graphic Design
Sales Funnels
Branding Expert
Marketing Collateral

Digital Marketing
Tina Hay

Google Adwords
Facebook & Instagram
Paid Ads
Marketing Strategy
Digital Campaigns

Brett Dwyer

Tax Compliance
Financial Transparency
ATO Compliance
Best Financial Practises
Financial Setup and Strategy

kind words from our clients
We wanted to make this program affordable. So…..
Our Pricing is only $97 per month!!!
We even offer weekly, monthly or annual pricing to help you out!
“Woman To Woman 14 Day Money Back” Guarantee

We are sure you will love our program, however in the unlikely event that you don't love it, contact us within 14 days and we will courteously and promptly refund you.